Why is the Roblox Website stuck on Light mode for me?

I literally cannot change it, it’s set to Dark and when I load another page it’s in Light mode.


Thanks to this bug, my eyes are in constant pain as well. I’ve tried to change the setting on a different browser on a different operating system, no luck! As soon as you save the dark theme setting and go back to discover page, it returns back to the light theme. Though, when I first logged into another browser, changed the setting, went back to discover page, it was dark… till I refreshed it.

Operating systems used: un-googled chromium (112.0.5615.12) on Windows 10 & Samsung Internet app on Android 11.

I tried to get a user theme using Stylus, but damn it SUCKS.


Yeah, I got the same problem and it hurts my eyes so bad.

I just resorted to buying the rogold theme creator just to re-enable dark mode because I usually stay up past 1am on my computer (as of typing its 3am)

i’ve really just gotten used to it now, hopefully theres a fix soon

It just got fixed for me. Thanks Roblox