Why is the Script Recovery feature so difficult?

I’ve got some code that was recovered and it’s displayed here. I’d love to implement it! Too bad there’s nothing I can do about that, though. There is no button to press that says “use changes” or something along those lines.

Opening the file is also of no use. AutoSaves for scripts is completely empty. Wtf?

Am I doing something wrong or is this feature broken?


It’s been years and this feature is still completely useless. Was teaching someone how to code and they got extremely frustrated with the fact that script recovery basically just taunts you with a script and then has literally no way to actually recover said script.

I’m not even sure how this thread got no replies. It is absolutely NECESSARY to make this feature actually do literally anything. It is borderline embarrassing that it does not. So in lieu of making a new thread about this, I’d figure I might as well put my two-cents onto this existing thread that should have seen this feature improved ages ago.


I totally agree with this. All I get from this is code to retype, but it doesn’t even let me copy and paste it into the script! It’s so annoying! This feature has led to me wasting lots of time retyping scripts, when I shouldn’t even have to!

This needs to be fixed!