Why is there a very restricted max extents for the Region selector for smooth terrain

I couldn’t even select an entire terrain region made with the terrain generator with a size of “Small (128)”. The bounding box just refuses to get any larger after a small amount.


I’d assume that it may be because they don’t expect people to be able to move cubes that size without crashing their computer? I don’t know, seems like the region should be unbounded. I’d recommend making a feature request asking for larger max size, or just no cap at all.

All of that data needs to be in a 3d lua table. That is a lot of data!!

You could always edit the plugin and remove the restriction.

Where do I find the plugin’s folder?

There is a BuiltInPlugins folder in the directory where the Studio.exe is.

Cheers, I’ll have a look

I hate to say this after you may have tried, but there’s actually a backend restriction on the max region size via ReadVoxels. Fortunately, working around this shouldn’t be too difficult, just read multiple regions as needed and merge it all.