Why is there no ambient occlusion effect when I switch to future lighting

Hi I am a Roblox Developer who mainly builds and does UI and I’ve been having this issue for a while, when I switch from shadowmap to future the ambient occlusion effect is gone I didn’t have this issue before so I am pretty sure it’s not intentional so I am now looking for ways to fix this and I have my graphics at max




hey! i can’t really think of something that could affect the ambient occlusion in future other than the graphics quality, is it maxed out?

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It may have something to do the the lighting blend/transparency rate. I may be correct; I am not sure. There is a script that disables shadows.

@sewrath @Ben_zzr i can confirm this is happening, i am at max graphics

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it is maxed and I even said it in the message it’s near the end so that’s maybe why you didn’t see it

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I am not sure what lighting blend/transparency rate is can you explain

I can confirm this, I first noticed it a few days ago except it was with the decoration property on terrain.

With shadow map it has AO and with future, it doesn’t
– Future

– Shadowmap

Also If I must add I noticed they removed the 2nd rendering property for your graphic levels?

It use to have 2 one for manually editing your runtime graphics in studio and the second being your Studio Graphic quality. They’ve seem to have removed the studio runtime one.

– Current

– Few updates ago, Not exactly sure when this change took place.
Screenshot 2019-04-16 at 21.47.19


Try playing the game, this might work?

even in game (outside of studio completely) the effect is still gone

this has been a bug for a few weeks, both in studio and in-game

ambient occlusion is just a lot weaker with future lighting for some reason, and it seems to gets even weaker depending on how low the Ambient/OutdoorAmbient values are. when both values are 0,0,0 then it completely disappears.

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this has been happening to me for a couple of weeks now

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It’s 2022 and this is still happening. Pretty disappointing. Has this been reported as a bug yet?


This “bug” is an intentional behaviour by Roblox.

How so? Doesn’t seem like that would make sense or that it’s a good idea.

This is still an issue? Hard to achieve realism in games when you have to choose between realistic lights or realistic everything else.

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