Why is this condition not going through?

Can someone help me with this condition not going through?

I see you have many conditions, which one specifically is not working

I’d assume you’d need to have the Image condition like this:

if playerbag.Small_Bad.Slot1.Image == "rbxasset/?id=1179108570" then

That seems to be what the image is

Edit: I can’t really tell, but copy paste what is inside of the Image property.

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Ah yes, my bad lol.

the condition " if playerbag.Small_Bag.Slot1.Image == “rbxassetid://1179108570” then

print(“hey this is happening”)

why is it not going through?

Does your output print “pick up” whenever you run this code? Just want to make sure nothing before has any errors

Yeah it does, that’s why I am so confused. It is reaching there but the condition below is not going through.

Copying and pasting what was inside of the image property seemed to fix it, thanks.

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