Why is this happening?

Back in the beginning of my game’s development, I used free models and one of them had old sounds that were removed. Since then I kept getting this output message

When I try to grant permission it doesn’t work and I can find the sounds in the explorer, how do I get rid of them.

I know this sounds like a bug report but I am not high enough rank to post a bug report so this was the next best thing.

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The Owner of the Audios has to grant you he permissions to use the Audio, otherwise you cant use the said Audio.
If its your own, grant it to the experience you want to use it.

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Roblox made a huge change to their audio system which can cause this error message if you don’t grant permission to the audio you are wanting to use:

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I am aware of that, but my question was how to get rid of it, it’s not in my explorer at all

Remove the Audio’s SoundId and replace it with another, or get the proper permissions.

Because they are essentially all Private, hence the “Privacy Update” (stated above as well)

So basically I’m going to have this error permanently?

I used the audio discover plugin, but it didn’t show any sounds there

Edit: I’m going to try restarting studio

The audio discovery plugin is completely broken, it won’t show the audio that I’m trying to remove or any audio in fact.

That’s strange. Have you tried refreshing the plugin by pressing the refresh button?

Yes I did, according to your photo it seems to be happening to you as well

Maybe it has automatically approved access to all of your audios already?

I have no audios currently in my game because I have created a fresh new baseplate to work on hence why it’s not showing any audios to grant permission too.

The problem is also happening for me, it doesn’t show any of the sounds I have in my Explorer in the Sounds Discovery plugin.

According to the link that you sent it should also show approved sounds as well, so this is not the case.

It sounds like this is a bug happening on multiple devices. If someone could post a bug report that would be great! I am unable to at the current moment.

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Is your issue the plugin of the sounds themselves?

Yes, the sound discovery plugin

Could you not simply type “Audio” into your explorer to locate any Audio class Instances?

I have already explained that earlier in the post. The sounds with the ids in question do not appear in the explorer due to Roblox’s privacy rules

I see, did the Audio discover plugin show them previously after the privacy update?

To my knowledge, the audio discovery plugin was created after the privacy update. You can check the link from @AustnBlox for more info. Right now the best we can do is let roblox know of the situation with the plugin not working for some people