Why is this not working

Have you tried checking the output yet?

HOW WOULD i create a debounce dont give doc just example

I’m just trying to help, I have read it, but I did not see if you read the out put.


Okay, have you tried looking in the developer console? There might be an error there if you click the “server” button!

A debounce would look something like this:

local debounce = false

if not debounce then
    debounce = true
    -- code
    debounce = false

dont see how that can be added to my code

This part of the code is the debounce:

You can try putting it in random spots and testing it to see if it does what you want @xDeltaXen

You mean time wasting I dont do trial and error

Already tried that and it did not work

Do you want the thing to work? If so I would do that.

Like put it in different spots in the script @xDeltaXen

Find some way to implement this into your script. When it checks to see if the debounce is false, and it is false, it will set the debounce to true. It cannot run again with the debounce being true, because the debounce must be false. At the end, the debouce will be set back to false, allowing it to run again.

local debounce = false

if not debounce then
    debounce = true
    debounce = false

Im not an expert at this, but it may be because you are creating a new sound every time you click, so it checks if the new cloned sound is playing. (Which it isn’t.)

I don’t know how to rewrite it, but best of luck mate!

Can you tell me how to fix it please

I have tried that and it would not work and it did not work

Mate nobody will want to reply to help you with this post from the way you have responded to people trying to help you out. If your getting mad and acting disrespectful at people who are devoting their time to reply and help you out, go figure it out yourself.


You have made so many posts in just the past few days that end up just like this.

(Those are six that I found.)
And they all start the same way. You post a big block of code and say “It won’t work!” without describing the problem enough or telling what you’ve already tried.
When people suggest solutions you either reject them immediately or just say “it didn’t work” without showing what went wrong or how you implemented it. When people are confused and ask you to clarify you respond with your original question and seem to become more aggressive. It’s almost as if you only want working code to just be given to you rather than explaining how to actually solve the problem.

In the future could you please use the guide when you need to solve an issue?


Actually I gave some information on this one