Why is this part floating?

I have this physics structure composed of two parts connected using an AlignPosition.

For some reason, this is extremely broken. The unanchored part is floating at a random point in space instead of sticking to the anchored part. How do I put these two parts together without unanchoring the main part?

Place file: what is happening.rbxl (33.0 KB)

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Had a look and your AlignPosition | Roblox Creator Documentation needs to have RigidityEnabled. If you read the link you’ll see how to control the AlignPosition.

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You must not have tried your solution. It doesn’t work. RigidityEnabled causes the floating part to wobble and fall out of the map.

I figured it out. If the anchored part has any velocity it will cause the align position to be broken like this.

You should file a bug report for that, that doesn’t sound intentional.

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Strange, when I tested the place you posted and set the RigidityEnabled the ball went to the center of the other Part. I also changed the MaxForce and Responsiveness slightly to make it work a little better.