Why isn't my game making money?

I’ve been working on my game for around 2 months, and I put a 5k ad on it earlier today to test the waters. So far, it’s been averaging around 10-20 concurrent players.

I tested the game with around 100 people and the vast majority of them said they would play the game again. I used almost all of their suggestions. There are 5 game modes (obbies - scavenger hunts) and 10 maps in the game.

Despite all this, I’ve only gotten a few gamepass sales. I have no idea why because the gamepasses are definitely worth it if you’re interested in the game. Also, lots of games that are way worse quality (although my game isn’t perfect by any means) like simulators or obbies make tons of money, so I’m really confused on why I’m making almost nothing. Even players who have grinded the game for at least 2 hours don’t buy gamepasses.

I’m averaging around 10 minutes of playtime (some people leave after around 2 seconds while some people play for around an hour).
Here’s a link:

Thank you!


Fact that impact sales

Player Age

  • If the game is too complicated for kids they are not goig to say to their parent to buy them some robux

  • If the player are more likely to have a job or some pocket money they could buy it.

GamePass Design
Nothing to say ur gamepass are Awesome

Game Popularity

  • Yes u are more likely to buy from a more popular game

And the reputation

So that all what i know for you’re game !


Do not stress it! Success comes to those at the right time.
Here are some tips and tricks to speed the process!

  • Run ads for 10,000+
  • Run more than one ad at a time
  • Make an obby level a bit complicated, either a player would leave the game or buy a skip stage pass

Those are just a few examples to bump the process, I wish you the best and to continue to grow as a creator. You’re doing an amazing job.


Yes very true Man good reply !

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The game concept feels a bit too simple to entertain players for long. It’s basically just a race to see who completes the obby first. As a suggestion, you could make one of the players the noob and have everyone else chase it. Or you could add multiple paths to complete obbies.


Yeah very true he have to add more mechanique

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On opening the game I see a shop gui and a starter pack.

Firstly, having a button to open the shop will always reduce your revenue. Having a few buttons on the side that immediately prompt the purchase will make more money.

Secondly, the starter pack could be improved. It tells you what’s in it, so that’s good, but as a new player to your game, the game has not shown me why I would want it. The best way to do this would probably be a picture and prompt
“Starter Pack: Limited time only. Yes - No”
[Insert picture and brief explanation demonstrating what it does and why it’s useful]

The other thing is that the prices might be too high. A lot of people consider 150 Robux to be a lot especially if they’re rationing their Robux. Lower prices can help you with that audience.


On top of what others have talked about, you gotta factor in the price of things too. Your cheapest Gamepass is 150 robux. That’s an expensive first time investment for players. Ideally, you want a low cost but low benefit purchase to get someone to make that initial purchase - then, it’s a lot easier to get them to buy the more expensive purchases. This is typically why dev products are a better longer term monetization scheme, as it enables repeat purchase versus the one timeness of gamepasses. If you add repeatable dev product purchases at relatively low prices (say in the 30-60 robux range, at least in my experience) you’re a lot more likely to be able to get people to buy the more expensive game passes.

So I would say, either add some cheap dev products (to hook players into buying with a low cost/low risk product) and keep gamepass prices the same, or lower game pass prices. I would personally go with the first one though. I’ve done a few test runs for a game to determine what works best for profitability, and I’ve found that dev products tend to get more sales, and the only people who are buying the more expensive ones are people who have already bought the cheaper ones.


I added money products, but only a few people bought them. I’m not sure if the reason why I’m making less money is because of something wrong with the game, my monetization (maybe players don’t see the gamepasses?) or both.

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I’m a small developer and this is a pretty large amount, can I still make money from my games with spending 2k for example on ads and / or sponsorships?

I think that if you have 2k u have to do like 2 ads a week of 500R$
or 1 ads a week

Maybe something like wall climbing could enhance the game majorly. Make sure to always make the game playable for all devices, you could test for bugs on multiple devices (etc).

I would recommend finding a major partner for things like advertising. There are many studios out there that will definitely be interested in your game.

In my opinion the game is very boring. All you do is complete obbies. Also, the game doesn’t have anything too eye catching. It’s very plain.


No offense but this doesn’t preform to a level where players want to spend money on your game. For example the game-passes that are provided like low gravity aren’t really needed in all maps. My suggestion is seeing as some of the maps are under water make something more useful because low gravity doesn’t help in low gravity. Also the eye candy here is very low. There’s no colorful moving UI elements, maps, etc. Maybe try and make everything a bit more alive by removing the corners being cut like no bottom of the ocean. Then move on to clarifying the objective cause I’m not even sure, maybe do something like Epic Mini Games where it has a camera going around showing what you need to do.

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Agreed, the game as of now isn’t particulary interesting. Adding a twist or a special mechanic to add more attraction to your game.

Best of luck to you, Amir

I really appreciate the response but could you clarify what you mean by removing the corners? And what should I do with the UI? I wanted to keep a consistent blue-green color scheme with it. Also, the low gravity pets work in the low gravity maps so I’m not sure that’s that much of a reason that people aren’t buying gamepasses

I don’t think it’s a good idea to recommend advertising for huge amounts. If the game isn’t gaining popularity on its own, there are problems that need to be addressed first. Spending a lot of money on ads is only going to work short-term, and chances are you won’t profit if it doesn’t bring in more people on its own.
I’d focus on improving the gameplay before starting proper advertisements like that. Plenty of people here have made some valid comments on what could be wrong with the game.


Well according to your average play-time most people don’t seem to be engaged. Your game is probably recommended for younger audiences, the solution here is just to add more content to the game. How much content? Well enough content so that people will actually prioritize these additions over other things.

Sorry if this seems confusing, English isn’t my first language so somethings said here could be misunderstanded.

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What do you mean by that?