Why isn't the viewport frame showing up on a surface gui?

I have a viewport frame on a surfacegui and the viewport frame isnt showing up at all. The default white background doesnt show up either. However, it’ll work on a screengui just fine. Ive tried changing the camera and putting it in a frame. Nothing has worked. There are no scripts used in the viewportframe or the surfacegui


Have you defined the Adornee property of the surfacegui to the part you want the viewport frame to show on?

The surfacegui (with the viewport frame as a child of it) should be parented to the StarterGui, but then set its Adornee property set to the part in the workspace you want the viewport to show on.

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You have to put the surface gui inside StartGui and set the adornee to the part. Idk why it wont work in workspace but thats how it is