Why my small map is so laggy?


So, I worked on a map on my game BloodLine, it took me some hours to make and it’s small… But it’s laggy??? I tried removing some stuff to see what was lagging, and even after I remove some buildings and the light poles it still laggy [ The light poles are from the toolbox because I was lazy to do one, so I used one from the toolbox, but I’ll make one soon. ]

Here how the map looks like:

[ Blood warning on the next image. ]

Laboratory part

Thanks for reading, Tsu.

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Have you utilized any free models? or any models given from a YouTube video? Some of those models could contain deleterious scrips inside of them kenned as “viruses”. which could make your game laggy, not function correctly, or even ruin your entire game.


Nope, the only models that are from the toolbox are light poles and meshes, I scripted everything and checked for viruses in every model. If there was a viruses, it wouldn’t lag in ROBLOX Studio, just when you’re in-game, I already noticed that.

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Hm, I have no conception. The only other thing that could possibly be the issue is your PC.


It’s not lagging just for me, when I was testing the new map and blood system with friends it was lagging for everyone.

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Part count does have an effect on performance, how many parts are there in this map?
Script also play a role in performance, do you have any scripts with while do loops or for i,v in pairs() do loops? Try putting a wait()in each one


I usually use .Changed(), sometimes I use while wait() do, i loops and RenderStepped events, but what is lagging isn’t the scripts, it’s actually the map. Also, I think that the only stuff have so much parts are the windows, because the buildings usually have 1-2 parts.

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What theee? Hmm, and what about meshes and unions? How many of them are there?

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Sorry for late response, I’ll check it.

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Utilize the MicroProfiler to determine what is causing the lag.


Alright, I’ll test it out soon.

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I made a simple Script to check for it, and the total meshes is: 5 9, wow. And the total unions are: 3 4 9, holy.

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I’ll try deleting them via Script to see if that was the cause of the lag.


Welp, it didn’t worked. I’ll check the Pokemoncraft5290 suggestion.

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There are a couple possibilities

  1. Check your scripts, having too many while wait() do's can be performance heavy

  2. Too many unions. Unions are not good for performance → Unions causing lag?

  3. CollisionFidelity. Having meshes collisions on PreciseConvexDecomponstion (ignore my spelling) is REALLY bad. Have as many meshes set to box and hull as possible.


Alright, I’ll test it out now.

Just a little thing
When changing meshes CollisionFidelity

You cannot select multiple and change them all
If they all have different collisionfieldity’s, you have to manually select every one and change them for some odd reason…

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Ah. I see some model cars in your game.

To be honest, I’ve put those types of cars inside of my game and it became to LAG!

I recommend you to delete them away and replace them with some neutralized object.

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Alright , I’ll remove those cars.

Removed them, I don’t see some performance changes.