Why my sponsor results are that bad?

I really don’t know why. Idk if the issue is in player count being 0 or game icon or gamepage. I don’t really know. Please help. I’ve put a lot of effort into this game solo. I am new to the field.

Game link: Nazgul - Roblox


That’s completly normal for a 1k ad

The ads now gets lower ammounts of players because the ad update, even if you spend 5k rbx, you just get 100 visits or less.

I recommend more making youtube shorts about the game to get visits, it “doesn’t costs anything” and you should get at least 2 visits per video (and at least 1k views) if you don’t have subscribers, and more visits each time you grow on youtube on other social media you choose, but I recommend to be youtube and to be shorts videos, not normal videos, because gets a lot more views even without any subscribers.


I find tik tok to be good as well considering you just need the right hashtags keywords and visuals for someone to get interested and click on it.

Roblox ads have always been suboptimal to Game growth, especially since the new update, where they removed Ads for 13< Accounts


Hi Sho, i like your game and i think it would be sad to not make it a hit. I feel like the game is good but it needs fixes, from the sponsoring settings to the game concept. Send me a message and we’ll together at growing it, i got major tricks to reverse that kind of situation