Why players Leave my game immediately what im doing wrong?

I Released my Game "Obby with Upside - Down Camera 3 days ago , and in case your wondering the game is really simple, you have to win on different Rounds of obby with Upside down camera,Get Wins and buy items from the shop and till this point i have around 250 Visits , the problem is as said in the title when i see someone join my game he takes like 1min or less then leave my game i don’t Understand what im doing wrong, any ideas??

Link:[NEW] Obby but with Upside-down Camera - Roblox

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Playing with an upside-down camera can be very hard. Even though people expect it they’ll most likely get frustrated pretty quickly and leave.

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I agree, even thought Im not designer

Oh i think i see the problem, this game is very hard for both mobile and pc users, i recommend adding special category where you can choose how much your camera will shake

People most likely get frustrated after a bit of playing the game, you might add a power up that fixes the camera temporarily or a skip stage button.

The camera isn’t upsidedown, it’s sideways. The camera angle is randomly chosen every few seconds, which is immediately unappealing and unintersting to play with.


Since the camera shake to the sideways, probably make sure that the player get’s informed for that. Also, maybe since there is no information when the camera shake, maybe add an other ui so the player can get informed of the shake effect.

The idea is quite original and a little bit fun to do, but the miss-information between the player and the camera effect makes it a little more frustrating.

Hello @THEWOLF5555555,
I really love the game you have created and it’s very original. Therefore, there is many issue I’ve found in the game that makes the player unsatisfied. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Firstly, the camera shake is really intense and many players are ‘‘ragequitting’’ because they found it really hard to do. Indeed, the game dosen’t shows the entire upside down camera like you wrote in the title, maybe instead try to rename it or smth like that…
    Also make sure to inform the players about when the camera is shaking, probably add an ui to inform them about the changement.

  • Second, the game shop is really expensive. Indeed, players need to buy the all the abilities in the game with Robux, which only players who have robux can afford to buy these advantages. The big issue here is that many players doesn’t have robux or didn’t have enough robux to buy the product multiple times, which in my opinion really sucks for them. P2W isn’t fair, specially in this game. You can fix this issue by simply change some abilities with the currency inside of your game and also reduce some of the developer produces offer in the shop (139R$ per stability camera, seriously?)

  • Third, the game has many bugs which results of the ragequit of a player. Indeed, at each 20 secounds of the end of the rounds, players can’t get access to the checkpoint. I’ve seen that the access is admissible even if the timer is at 0 seconds of the round, which results to spawning the player to the old checkpoint (failling of the void) and also dosen’t give access to any checkpoint of the next future rounds!
    Also, the winner leaderboard is broken. When a player reach the end of the obby, the player is rewarded by 1 win in there leaderstats, provide a chance to go in the leader board. This seems kinda boring, because the player can’t see his username on the leaderboard. :frowning: The only issue is to fix it and also adding a badge on each 1st, 5th, 10th, etc. wins they accomplish.

At the end, the game is really beautiful and the building are quite smooth to keep calm the players. Even though there is many bugs in the game, I think theses fixes can be for the better of the game.
Here is the recap of the many issues:

    1. Miss information with the player about the shacking camera;
    1. Expensive and robux purchasing in the shop isn’t advantage the ‘‘free players’’;
    1. Checkpoint bug + win leaderboard are disappointing the player.

I hope I did help you with this review, this review can be for the best of the future of the game. :slight_smile:

Have a great day! :smiley:


thank you so much Dino for your feedback, you are right!, I’ll take the point you mentioned into consideration!, one question tho what do you mean by “Miss information” , when the round start there is a text label on your left screen that tells you the camera Angle., can you please explain more.

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Oh, probably I didn’t see it, I was also playing in mobile. I will try to see it in PC.
Since the majority of Roblox players are playing via mobile, probably the information isn’t well placed or scaled properly for them. Make sure to test that. :slight_smile:

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On Mobile it’s very hard to play, as when you rotate the Camera it’s very hard as your character will go in the direction of the camera

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