Why Roblox should invest in classic limiteds again

Okay, so, at this point, everyone knows Roblox has a history of discontinuing features that everyone loves and replacing them with more “modern” stuff, even if that’s not what the community wants. A good example of this happening are the limited items. They have existed for over a decade now, and, besides some problems, pretty much everyone loves and respects them and their legacy. However, we despise the passion that the community has over limiteds; Roblox randomly discontinued them back in late 2019, and we haven’t had any new non-branded limiteds since 2022, when Roblox randomly decided to make old items go limited again.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long since they stopped doing this again after they released UGC Limiteds. It’s been nearly a year since the release of UGC Limiteds, and clearly there are many issues with the system.

First things first, they’re easily manipulable. Take, for example, the image below (source: “Flex Your UGC Limiteds”).
(Don’t send hate to any of the creators named on the image, it’s just an example to prove my point.)

This game provides a leaderboard with multiple details and stats regarding these items. As you can see in the image, most of the highly valuable UGC Limiteds are hoarded or bought by their own creators. It’s mostly not natural sales, but rather the creators buying their own items. One of the only items in this screenshot that are not totally manipulated is “Pet Simulator X” Banana Pet, and I think it’s pretty obvious now, but the item is only this much because it gives in-game perks, and it was one of the first UGC limiteds to ever come out in the catalog. In general, this means that these items are easily manipulative, and the ones that aren’t are made by popular creators or influencers and/or give in-game perks, meaning that nobody is actually buying these items for this much because they like them, but for other reasons that go beyond the accessory itself.

Classic limiteds, on the other hand, are not as manipulative as UGC limiteds, although they still have some issues, but not as big as the UGC items. Since they’re made by Roblox and not by the community, they’re usually way more special and desired compared to UGC items. Also, UGC Limiteds aren’t tradeable at the time of this post, while the Roblox-made ones are. Since classic items are more special, more desired, and more versatile regarding the stuff you can do with them, people tend to like them way more. It’s worth mentioning that Roblox has made various relevant item series in the past, and (in theory), nobody can make additions to those series other than Roblox themselves.

Roblox stated earlier last year that they stopped doing new limiteds so small creators wouldn’t have to “compete” with them, and, at least in my opinion, this is non-sense. As pointed out in the paragraphs above, classic limiteds and UGC limiteds are two separate concepts, and no matter what happens, UGC will never replace or replicate classic items’ legacy.

Those are two completely different features, and Roblox wanting to replace classic Limiteds with UGC will never work properly.

I also wanted to point out that, recently, a lot of creators have been uploading copies and knockoffs of Roblox-made limiteds, and, although I don’t condone this, it’s proof that those items are very desired and loved by everyone.

Also, another proof of this happening is the layered clothing section in the catalog.

Roblox promotes layered clothing a lot as part of their “vision,” but a lot of creators are actually using it to make limited-inspired hats, and they’re uploading it as layered clothing since they can make bigger items beyond the accessory size limits.

TLDR: Roblox should start making classic limiteds again; pretty much everyone likes those, and one of the only reasons they stopped making those was because they didn’t want to “compete” with UGC. This argument doesn’t work because classic limiteds and UGC limiteds have nothing to do with each other and it was never a competition in the first place, and even some creators themselves are making their own knockoffs of classic limiteds, which proves that those items are very loved or desired.


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Sadly, the days of Roblox caring about old features like this are long over. Like most corporations that go public, enshittification of the platform has already long been going on and will continue, it’s all about shareholder profits now, at the expense of the developer, trader, end user… everyone.

Limiteds rugpull.


Yes sir! Roblox Brand Limited to the moon! :rocket: #BringBackLimiteds

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well lets put the rug back then


Very well said. The way I see it, if we put aside the fact that classic limited items are just overall the coolest part about Roblox’s virtual economy, it makes me think of why would they even stop making them at all? Roblox, as a publicly traded company who’s main goal is PROFIT, should be heavily considering overturning their decision to halt making limited items as it will do nothing but raise those PROFITS for Roblox. Also, not only will this make tons of their investors happy, it will most importantly of all make a lot of their users happy.

I always assumed Roblox stopped making serialized LimitedU items because the system for it wasn’t working as intended around the last time a classic LimitedU dropped in 2019. This problem caused many users to get them for free, leaving many users who bought them legitimately feeling scammed out of their Robux. This was a valid reason to pause new limited unique items, but surely by now this problem has been addressed internally as Roblox seemed to practically reuse the old LimitedU system for UGC limiteds. I’m no technical engineer or anything but they seem quite similar besides the fact one has longer holding periods and isn’t tradable.

That being said, even if the classic LimitedU system still isn’t fixed what’s stopping them from just making old offsale items that are beloved by the community and wanted by many as normal limiteds? Clearly this method of turning classic items into collectibles still works as Roblox randomly brought the tradition back for a short period in 2022. Only to leave loads of people disappointed when they announced that they’d not be doing anymore for the second time. I’m sorry, but Roblox’s reasoning for stopping limiteds as to not compete with UGC limiteds is just laughably bad. UGC limiteds already thrive alongside classic limiteds and will continue to thrive with the addition of new classic limiteds. Anyways, Roblox should really consider what OP and the community have to say.


Roblox isn’t looking to please the simplistic investors that are their player-base. They please the corporate that want something different than everyone else, there’s nothing you can do to cause them to re-enter classic limiteds into the market, that is now going to be UGC’s job, and if you haven’t heard they’re most likely going to cause all UGC to be limited.

We aren’t in 2015 where a precious dominus is going to release, they are all about pleasing investors and they will, just dont think the normal investors have something to do with it.

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