Bring Back Roblox Brand Tradable Limiteds to Roblox

Dear Roblox,

I have a suggestion to make on Roblox Brand Limited. Can you bring them back onto Roblox? I was motivated to buy them all the time. Ever since UGC Limiteds came out I have been spending less and less on Roblox since it’s not the same as Roblox Brand Limiteds. I as the Customer am very unsatisfied with the lack of Roblox Limiteds being dropped on the platform and the lack of support for Roblox Brand Limiteds is also unsatisfying. There are just too many people making UGC items that are low quality or copies of pre-existing items which is a concern for trying to convince a person like me to buy your products on Roblox. If you want customers to be interested in buying Roblox virtual items with certainty, I highly recommend selling Roblox Brand Limiteds again on the platform. It was the most encouraging and fun thing to buy on the platform for its uniqueness I have seen since 2012. If you do start dropping Roblox Brand items again, I would be very excited and happy it’s back on Roblox again.

It was most interesting to purchase Roblox Brand Limiteds on the Roblox Catalog directly and in experience. It caught my eye for the advertising and got me and my friends and followers very interested in purchasing Roblox Brand Virtual items by the Roblox Brand. Anything that was UGC brand items does not compare to what Roblox Brand items were selling for back last year and back in 2019 from what many say was the best time Roblox made an impact towards the community and customers in general. The seasonal promotions Roblox used to do were very effective on the platform and encouraged everyone to buy the Roblox Brand items. I can’t express enough that UGC brands will not be as quality and as satisfying as the Roblox Brand Limiteds. The official Roblox events for Elton John, Karlie Kloss, and Mariah Carey were the most exciting things I have ever seen when I returned to Roblox back in August 2022 and present. I was very excited to purchase anything that was by the Roblox Brand and was very excited the items were becoming limited. I missed Roblox doing any sort of official events, official sponsored events, and even Roblox Brand Items and Limited drops.

Today I find the current system of UGC items and UGC Limiteds very disappointing and extremely unsatisfying. I also think the advertising and features need massive room for improvement. Also, the lack of the ability to trade UGC and the lack of support to make it official in the first place is very disappointing. When Roblox Brand items and Roblox Brand Limited’s items were discontinued, I was extremely unsatisfied and very disappointed by the change that was announced. I currently find it very unmotivating to get on Roblox to buy anything since it’s overloaded with low-quality UGC items or items that try to duplicate Roblox Brand items. I used to be very excited all the time when Roblox did official drops and events and was doing all sorts of seasonal and discount sales. I highly recommend reconsidering the return on by Roblox Brand Items and on Brand Roblox items, and to complete the remaining classic items that have not gone limited yet. I am very sure your platform wants to produce profit and increase sales, and to try to convince consumers/customers to buy from you.

If you want to get customer feedback from me. I think you should make the total return on Roblox Brand Limiteds, Seasonal Promotions, General Promotions, Sponsored, and Official Roblox Events, and Official on-sale Limiteds and finish the final classic throwback items and official remaining classic items to go limited. Just having everything by the Roblox Brand make a return. I guarantee you I am not the only person who will enjoy the return of Roblox Brand Items and Roblox Brand Limited Items. I have given you my feedback on my concerns for the Roblox virtual items market on what could be done, and what could improve on your platform. This may be my last letter to you as it is hard to express my concerns. You got my attention on the previous advertising when you used to sell Roblox brand Roblox products. I have already given you what I think needs to change and what could get people active again on the platform as a whole. If you have any questions, feedback, concerns, or want to discuss this topic more from a customer perspective, for example, me, you can reply to me here on Devforums, message me on Roblox, or message me on Guilded, email, or any other form of communication you may wish to message me on.

Respectfully, may5sonic


When roblox stopped pushing out their own limiteds I stopped having a reason the spend my robux as trading was what has mainly kept me on roblox. There have been many offsales I’ve wanted over the decade of me playing roblox that have been locked away due to them being forgotten. Although roblox has let us create our own limiteds which has helped me build a massive community I would really enjoy spending time collecting, trading, and just buying new limiteds made by roblox as a hobby for myself. If roblox started back up limiteds they would have my money as I love trading. Please revive official roblox limiteds. UGC limiteds can coexist with Roblox limiteds in the same market. :pray:


I agree. Roblox limiteds are the best limiteds, and the only limiteds in my opinion. They are made by Roblox and seem rarer and better than any other limiteds (UGC limiteds). The only limiteds I purchase on Roblox, are Roblox-made limiteds since they’re the only ones that truly have real value and are safer to have (normally don’t get removed).


I strongly support the comeback of Roblox’s Branded Tradable Limiteds!


Supporting this, I would genuinely love to have Roblox’s limiteds back


Supporting this! It would motivate myself buying future limiteds and resell :smiley:


I would die for the thrill and excitement of new Roblox limiteds honestly

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What do y’all think about Roblox Brand Limiteds So far? Comment by liking the post or/and replying to the post about what your thoughts of UGC are so far. Any comments, concerns, smart remarks, or anything else, just comment your thoughts below or the main tag the main message from the first post.


I think UGC is a great idea that was predictably executed horribly.

The biggest issue for me right now are copies. Notably copies of Roblox limiteds. There are currently thousands of 1:1 copies of limiteds and other notable exclusive items. Marketing Roblox limiteds and chaser code items as “unique” and “collectible” only to let said items get copied and plastered all over the catalog is scummy to say the least. It’s practically scamming the whole portion of the player base who worked hard developing or trading to get these so called “unique and collectible” items. For a community fueled platform it’s really disappointing to see them let this happen to their community. Especially when the same players who own expensive limiteds are often the ones who contribute the most to the platform.

Lack of UGC moderation is also causing copies of other UGC creators items, as well as NSFW items, and items that are directly infringing on copyright (Disney, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, etc.) It’s negatively affecting a large portion of valuable players which is frustrating to say the least. It’s also putting Roblox at risk for more legal issues. If things continue to go unrestricted like this, the accessory marketplace could very easily turn into the classic clothing marketplace (no exclusivity, no originality, no value, etc).

Overall UGC is a disaster and I can only hope that Roblox can actually implement an effective fix. I’ll admit, I have my doubts.


It’s very embarrassing that Regular UGC is doing better than UGC Limiteds, and well beyond the cloned UGC Limiteds also.

also, another note to UGC Creators is that:
10% is not a lot, and they still lose an extra bigger cut from DevEx, so it’s not any better for the creator doing the creations on UGC Limiteds in the first place. They should consider doing regular UGC or Submitting UGC to the Roblox Brand Limiteds like they used to before. There is no current best solution to the problem with UGC besides just sticking to regular UGC or sticking to submitting models to Roblox Official for future upcoming Limiteds. I have seen how downhill and the downfall and how rock bottom UGC Limiteds is going so far and it is being dragged down even further. It’s pretty much already dug itself a grave in the marketplace. take a look at this sample from some bad actors and some lazy Low-quality UGC Creators:

Another note if you go back to check January and February of this year, and the entire last year and items from 2019, the quality was so much better than whatever is being uploaded this year right now.
Compare this set of items from the other image:

If you were to take a good look at both, which one would you choose to be a Limited item just by looking at the samples here? Would you rather have the real thing or the copy?

I have nothing against Regular UGC Items. But I will note some UGC Limiteds items are not healthy for the market, and only a few UGC brands are actually quality that is UGC Limiteds, but it does not have much value, and it costs too much for UGC creators to upload their own personal limited and they don’t earn much from it. Haz3mn will not always come to save the day to help with the economy. We all need to get realistic and face the fact that Roblox Items, Roblox Brand Limiteds, Standard UGC Items, and Some Trusted Brand UGC Limiteds (Monstercat, Lovespun, CAC, Haz3mn, Beeism, etc) are far better and healthier for the market than whatever the bad actors with the shady Group names and shady UGC creators are calling themselves right now. This endless cycle of random Cloned UGC limited needs to come to an end or the the entire marketplace will be filled with random garbage that no user will want to buy at all, and may cause us to explore other platforms for this lack of care for the people purchasing the items.

Note one more thing, Roblox makes no money from content-deleted items and the refunded items too.

Roblox needs to start listening or these threads will continue to thread on with probably a whole PowerPoint and full document explanation if that whats what it takes to reach out to professionals at Roblox. And who knows, maybe someone else will open another entire new thread and it will probably connect here and elsewhere. We as the community and the customer/consumers need to stop buying shady cloned items to show what we want on Roblox, and also we all need to step up and talk about it everywhere on the platform as something needs to be done, as people lack to thread all the concerns into one thread, it’s not only just UGC that is in total disarray.


Is the “@Maxxell’s Roblox Brand Limited Theory” still going to happen? “The Great Big Economic Rugpull” that might potentially be the downfall of Roblox in 2024 in January? Is this true @Maxxell?

Referring to your article on the potential downfall of Roblox Brand Limiteds and the Roblox Economy future:


Bring back Roblox Brand Limiteds all the way guys! #BringBackLimiteds

Screenshot 2024-01-24 133126

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Roblox continues to say they have no plans that are not listed yet or might not know if there is a plan. We should all bring up #BringBackLimiteds so we can get a real response from Roblox. The AMA is not enough for just getting this question resolved. We need more transparency on this question and answers about Roblox Brand Limited.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 142713
Screenshot 2024-01-24 133126

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I think you should instead not just aim for Brand limiteds because let’s be real Brand Limiteds aren’t that important in the current day. I don’t think there has ever been a Brand Limited that has done any sort of numbers without being massively manipulated and in general most Brand Limiteds aren’t that desired. That being said I support this post, I just believe you should aim higher than just ‘Brand Limiteds’ and instead also bring some sought after off-sale items like the W. Incs Shades, Doomsekkar, Blue Agonizingly Ugly Bucket or ASCII White and other items that have just been lost to time.

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QUESTION FOR ROBLOX: Will Roblox Brand Limiteds, Drops, Offsale-classics, and Sponsored Items go Limited in 2024, and the return of the positive, safer, and healthier (safety and Civility), and High-Quality By “Roblox” Brand Limited Drops Safe Marketing practices that used to be on Roblox?**

This question expands into off-sale items and any brand that wishes to sell the products only under the Roblox Brand name so it sells more effectively, with guaranteed safety and civility, with High-Quality Products, and for something the entire Roblox community can enjoy. Need an example of what I mean refer to the image samples of what I am talking about:

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I am covering all of them as a whole. The idea of Roblox Brand Limited is what I am trying to bring awareness to, and what topic I wish people can expand on. If you have a sub-topic under the bigger question about Roblox Brand Limiteds, I automatically support that sub-topic as well about classic items and anything that brought the community together.