Why shouldnt i use bodyvelocity?

yes its deprecated but why not? as long as i fix it as soon as it breaks why not use it its 10x easier than using linearvelocity, is there a performance reason? does it make the Recv go wild? like pls help

personally i wouldn’t use it because there’s a chance in the future that it will completely stop working. yes it’s easy to operate it but i suggest you should use linearvelocity since it offers more options and freedom.

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I’m assuming that – if Roblox suddenly decides to do a physics overhaul and completely renovate it –
BodyVelocity will be left in it’s current state, semi-functional, or completely deprecate it.
LinearVelocity will get renovated to work as intended with the new physics engine.

To put it simply, deprecated classes or members will not get updates anymore, making it risk breaking after too many updates.

More info: Deprecation | Roblox Wiki | Fandom