Why the lightning takes so long to load?

Hello, I’m making a horror game and i’ve encountered a problem. Lightning in the game takes extremely long to load. I’ve already loaded it using ContentProvider service, but that doesnt seem to change anything. (it is supossed to look like in the end of the video) Heres a sped up video:

Any response would be really appreciated!

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add a loading screen to hide the lighting loading. simple.

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I think that a 30 second loading screen would be too long. There must be other way to do this.

You could avoid (not fix) the problem if you start the game in a dark place where they can play until the lighting loads, and then they make it to the bright parts. If that doesn’t work then you might have to stick with ShadowMap lighting technology because Future has to bake the lighting and stuff.

Edit: If the player is one of few moving objects then you can probably get away with using a script to disable shadows for far away lights to make the baking faster.

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