Why this code causes memory leaks?

as you can see from the title I want to know why this codes cause memory leaks and how to solve

local ServerScriptService = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")
local Npc = script.Parent

local NPCHumanoid = Npc:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("Humanoid")
local MobModule = require(ServerScriptService.MoBs)

local NpcStandLocation = Npc:WaitForChild("HumanoidRootPart").Position

local IntValue = Instance.new("IntValue",Npc) --Creates an IntValues to Npc:(Script.Parent)
IntValue.Name = "RandomNumber"
IntValue.Value =  math.random(0,100)

for i,v in pairs(MobModule) do
	NPCHumanoid.MaxHealth = MobModule [Npc.Name].Hp
	NPCHumanoid.Health = MobModule [Npc.Name].Hp

local function MoveNPC() -- Just a function to move Npc 
	while true do
		if NpcStandLocation and NPCHumanoid and not NPCHumanoid:FindFirstChild("HumOwner") then
			NPCHumanoid:MoveTo(NpcStandLocation + Vector3.new(math.random(-10,10),0,math.random(-10,10)))
			print("One of them are wrong")

local co = coroutine.create(MoveNPC)


after a few test I am pretty confidant Instance.New IntValue part causes it but it shouldn’t? it doesn’t have any other reference to it? it should be gced right?

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Whats going on with the mob module? you require it but only use it as a table? to set NPC health? and then is NpcModule missing??

just edited that part. I forgot to change name back

module just contains table for npc’s and their stats.

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Some people class using actual values such as “IntValue” or “BoolValue” - actual objects in the game as opposed to code - memory leaks.

Realistically speaking you should never really use these values unless you want to create some tweenable reference.

Especially seeming as:

local number = math.random(0,100)

Is the exact same thing, but uses less memory and isnt a publicly visible number.

It really depends what your trying to achieve - I can see reasons for your thing existing, but these reasons would also likely suggest to me that you need to change how you code things.


I was trying to give npc’s effect depends on the value they have
for example if RandomValue <10 then npc get’s red particles
and if randomValue is between 10 and 30 npc get’s blue particles

so. to track the number(or let’s say that randomValue) I couldn’t come with any better way than adding an track-able IntValue to under of npc

Well just tested and yeah. it solved the problem

Thanks for that Really. I appreciate it
I couldn’t guess something like that

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