Why this issue occur?

I am currently suffering from the problem of a script named “Anti-Lag” keep pasting onto my my game instances. I have no idea where those scripts were pasted from and when the game starts, it showed that the “Anti-Lag” script is found as malicious. Is there a way for me to deal with the problem?


This script might be pasting from a Malicious Plugin. Try disabling the latest plugins you installed, then remove all of the anti lag pasted scripts from your game.


You can search your workspace (click the “Filterworkspace” at the top of the Explorer window) for the script by typing the name Anti-Lag, and deleting every one that you find.
Also type in that search bar classname:script to find all the scripts in your place. If you find ones that you don’t recognize then remove them.

If you put any free models in your game with malicious scripts or a plugin with malicious scripts like @Remingling said then that may be what keeps putting the Anti-Lag script in your place.

Just some advice, but please title your posts with a better description. It makes it difficult for people to know what problem you have. Something like “There are malicious Anti-Lag scripts in my game” would be much more helpful.