Why unioning 600+ Parts take that long?

Hi I would like to know why unioning 600+ parts take that long (waited 5 hours and nothing happened and my PC was literally a radiator) so I decided to do alt-F4 because I don’t wanna lose my PC lol

I tried to union this model: ModelA.rbxm (34.4 KB)

I’ve seen people (and some of my friends unioning more than 1000+ parts and they almost had no problem (just waiting a little (5mins) ) ) and I don’t know why it’s so sloooow for me.

I don’t think it’s my PC’s Fault but i’m giving the specs:

Model: HP EliteBook 840 G3
Intel Core i5 6500U
HD Graphics 520
256 GB SSD (102GB free)

If It’s possible maybe someone could send me an unioned version of my asset but if it’s not possible then i’ll just do another design of the island (it’s the grass for the island) (also there’s z-fighting on the model but I know that it removes them ( tried recently )

Hope my english is not too bad :sweat_smile:

Also it’s 1AM where I live so I won’t respond immediately but I will when I can sorry

I wouldn’t make a union for something like that, I would just make a 3d mesh in blender instead. :expressionless:

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Yea but i’m really a noob at blender and I don’t know how to remoe the z-fighting in blender.

Or maybe is there an option to sorta “union/fuse” parts together ? that would help me a lot

Oh also sorry for not saying this but for my test I unioned the 5 parts an then exported it as .obj and reimorted them as a MeshPart

also, I think your laptop is not good enough in general… might wanna consider upgrading asap.

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Oh whelp guess I doing it on blender

it’s worth learning blender. 30 chardfdzhjhl

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Ok thanks! Just one last question, do you recommend tutorials for learning blender and if yes do you have a specific tutorial series to recommend me ?

of course! I recommend using the blender’s actual yt channel, but you could also use blender guru, CG Geek, and others.


Ok thanks for the recommendation! Now I gotta sleep lol have a good night or day!

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Your using DDR4 (SO-DIMM) Which tells me that your using a laptop.
16GB of Ram is standard and perfectly fine but for any programs that relate to designing you would want more than 16 for rendering reasons.

However I think its better than the 2012 Macbook I used to use so yeah. Your issue may relate to faces, I reccomend you read this post I made. Insufficient Memory Message Upon Unioning A Complex Model - #9 by O5_13EpsiIon

Plenty of hard to see microspaces exist that span no greater than .01 studs when unioning and they make it a pain. When unioning you want to aim for optimization so its easier running the model and and for the computer to union it. Say you have two walls and you smack them together like an empty sandwich. When you have a microspace and union that union is going to have 4 extra faces than what you really want. At first you may think two but for some reason all roblox object are double faced which makes optimizing in blender extremely annoying when manually cleaning a model/union/object. What you want to do instead is make sure that you merge as many parts as you can, if it isnt an issue you should take one of those parts and drag it to size inside of the other part, this way you can make sure that they are truly connected, but making sure its really touching surfaces also works aswell just so long as you have 0.000 studs of space inbetween. Sorry for the necropost but I figured other people would find this helpful aswell.