Why Unions becoming "Low-Poly"?

Hello Everyone!

Im messing arround with CSG Unions… But something went wrong…

See this: C__Users_camilob829_3D Objects_New_RB_Maps_MTEST.rbxl - Roblox Studio 2020-09-04 19-47-10

As you can see, the union becomes “low-poly” for no reason…

I tried selecting the yellow sphere and then the black one and vice-versa, and nothing…
I tried using SmoothingAngle, and it looked weirder…

So, the question is…
How do i get rid of this? :thinking:

Thank you!


Unions do not become low poly it gets rid of the texture of certain parts

But they doesn’t have any texture.

Did you watched the video?

I have no idea how to fix this. Maybe try turning up your studio graphics quality? That’s my only solution. This doesn’t happen to me. It was weird that only half of the unioned object retained the black stripes and lowered it’s poly while the other kept it’s poly and did not retain the black stripes from the other sphere.

That wasn’t a texture, it was a black sphere and a yellow sphere unioned together.

There is a limit of 5000 triangles for Unions, if your Union exceeds the limit then it gradually deforms.