Why was I banned for making this game icon?

Hello, so yesterday I was banned for 7 days for making this. I do not know how this is “discriminatory” of any sort or includes “slurs” but I guess it does :man_shrugging:

I contacted roblox support, they said they are going to keep the ban. Why?

By the way “MoreBots” is the name of my game and that didn’t get moderated, I used a pre-existing image for the monster, and the avatar is my roblox avatar. What else could be the problem?? I want to know so I do not make the mistake again and get my account deleted :worried:



PM @mod_review_requests , explaining the issue. They’re your best shot when support fails you.


Thank you! I will do that now! :slight_smile:

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maaaybe some mods read it and thought it said “morebuts” and just thought it meant “more butts”

cuz the top part of the U is “hard” (relatively, compared to everyting else) to see


Yeah, I also uploaded with the words in the top left and got rejected as well, though.

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Err… when you look at it… I guess I kind of understand? It kind of looks like an African American face when you look at it. When you think about it, the reason was for discrimination, not inappropriate content. So, most likely THIS is the reason, not the O looking like an U. The fact it looks like an African American… COULD be the reason why you were banned. Especially if this is a horror game… the picture makes it seem like the main antagonist is an African American, which could’ve been seen by moderation as discrimination. Maybe change the color of this entity.

Didn’t realize I was two months late to this. Lol.

Yes, very true. Didn’t realize that until a month after :laughing:

Lol. Yeah, sometimes we don’t notice a lot. Our brains fail us. Me especially :expressionless: