Why was my audio marked as inappropriate?

I’m confused, why was it considered inappropriate? I see audios being accepted despite it having multiple swear words as long as it was barely censored. I’m pretty sure the audio I tried uploading had zero. I would understand if it was because of copyright or whatever but it was marked as an “offensive item.” So, does anyone know why and if so I do have a reason to contact ROBLOX to maybe allow it? Big thanks ^-^.

Here’s the origin: you nanoswarmed in the wrong neighborhood - YouTube

I think because in the lyric of the audio has everyone makes fun of german efficiency maybe roblox thought you makes fun of germanies, its a tricky situation :thinking:

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It’s a stretch, but the song you uploaded (you nanoswarmed in the wrong neighborhood) is a remix of this song:

You reposted in the wrong neighborhood (Full version)

Which itself is a remix of this song:

Eminem - Shake That (Official Music Video) ft. Nate Dogg

I am not linking it because it is very, very inappropriate. It contains lots of curse words and the moderator may of just heard the beat and assumed it was that song.

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Ah, I see. There’s a lot of remixes of you reposted in the wrong neighborhood but it was still allowed :(. Thank you for replying!

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Ahaha, yeah that’s what I thought too! Hopefully I can try reuploading it later on