Why was this clothing asset moderated?

Hello, designers. I’d like to ask if anything, what I can do to change my design as ROBLOX Moderated the shirt and I’m extremely angry about this. From my perspective, this shirt is fine however I’d like to hear from you, as to what I can do to improve and allow this to be accepted. Thank you

  • Kev

Most likely an error on Roblox’s side. Try to appeal it here.


It could be cause it seems too realistic. But not to mention the Moderation system needs to be updated. But you can try to appeal with the Crazed shared. In all honesty that could be the only reason I see behind it, but I honestly don’t know.

Roblox Beta Tester

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Clothing assets wouldn’t get moderated for looking realistic. I’ve made multiple realistic clothes and they got approved. You can view the community rules here. It never said realism clothes are prohibited.

The reason why your shirt may get disapproved is that 1) the asset was inefficiently moderated by a bot or 2) the shirt is revealing. You can always appeal the asset if you want. They always take a long time to respond for me so I recommend sending an appeal ticket if multiple of your assets were falsely moderated. (Appeal multiple assets at once to save time)

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Update: I emailed ROBLOX appeals and they are now going to restore the asset. Thanks for the help/critiques everyone!

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