Why when i equip the sword it bugs and doesnt come in my hand?

robloxapp-20231104-1739430.wmv (286.6 KB)
can anyone tell me why it does that. i put a screenshot of thee code. and i recorded a video of it doing that

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you ned to unanchor the sword and if its not that then make sure that the toolgrip is set right

you sure you didn’t turn off the RequiresHandle???

if it’s enabled then tool also requires a part named Handle in order to make it automatically weld to player’s hand.

what is a toolgrip and unacnhoring the sword wont help

what is “requireshandel”?? i dont understand

ohhhh i have requireshandle on

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requires handle is a propert of tool

bro there is already one part that is handle

here is a quick video to learn about tools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2out-3ml8Q

oh btw i used the classic sword handle

alright now the sword works but theres a problem

it tps me to it

i rlly can’t tell if the handle is apparently invisible, if you’re actually replacing a model and attaching it to the tool then you should weld the sword model to the handle.

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bro it still doees the same prroblem i followed the same steps in the video