Why when I make the back of image button transparent it's still selectable

I want to be able to make a simple UI from imported items from photoshop, however when I set the background of the image label transparent I am still able to click on it.

I’ve tried to look it up but could not find anything, please I need answers.

Just set ImageButton.Visible to false. If that’s not what you wanted, you can disable AutoButtonColor and Selectable. I’m not sure how you exactly want your UI to act, so these were ideas that came into my mind.

I want to be able to only click on the image, but not the background of the image. Even when the background is transparent I can still select the background

Cause that’s how it works, Image Buttons do have a square hit box, not just the image itself, So its either you redesign the image to fit the entire Image Button or find another work around for it.