Why won't accessories work in studio?

I’m trying to make an npc of myself to pose for the thumbnails of the game but for some reason the accessories and hair won’t work. When I either use the AlreadyPro’s Load Character plugin, the accessories spawn next to the npc, and when I get the hair from the toolbox and move it to the npc in explorer, it doesn’t go to the head like normal. I’ve also tried moving it to the npc’s head in explorer but that doesn’t work either. What am I doing wrong?


It’s a pretty weird bug I’ve come across before.

I’ve gotten that weird accessory glitch before, and the glitch only occurred in the game I was working on. I inserted a character but it’s hood wasn’t correctly snapped on the head.

I have no idea why this bug exists, but thankfully I found a fix to this.

The fix:

  • Make a new game/experience
  • Insert your model there with AlreadyPro’s Load Character or any other plugin
  • It should lock the accessory to the head correctly

Another solution is to delete the HeadWeld on the NPC, which is the reason why it gets messed up.


I dont know why this bug happens but from what ive noticed it only happens in team create if you turn it off the accessories snap to the avatar turn it on and it breaks and even if u import accessories through a plugin and try to put it in a character dummy it still wont snap to it in team create roblox really should get on this bug

Team create wasn’t on but I’ll try that too if this happens again.