Why won't chat logs appear in my game?

So I’ve been working on my game, trying to get out updates more often.
I’ve been running into this problem a lot in my games for no reason.
Why do my games not have a chat log sometimes? It is very annoying because I made a chat tags feature but now it won’t work. What should I do? missingchatlog

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So this is what you should do, click on play,

2nd step goto the chat service in explorer and copy ClientChatModules

3rd get out of play mode and paste in the ClientChatModules in the chat service.

4th step in the ClientChatModules folder you should see ChatSettings and click on it

5th step once your in the script goto line 27 and 28 and delete the line and replace the code to
module.BubbleChatEnabled = false

module.ClassicChatEnabled = true

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Thanks so much for the help! Also by the way is there to use the old chat or are new places set to the new chat by default?

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Well, it’s possible just hard todo.

You’d have to get the old chat script and chat ui

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Okay, thanks so much for the help!