Why won't it let me edit my place in Roblox Studio?

Hey… Um me and my friend have been trying to open my place because we’re starting a new project but just want the UI and Scripts from there. We have been at it a while now and it won’t allow us to edit my place. Must I add this is a group place.
It’s loading, forever. Not crashing.
This is the place ID: https://www.roblox.com/games/254343954/USH



Make sure to put your post in the appropriate category in Bugs and Exploit Reports. (You can edit the category by clicking on the pencil next to the title in your original post.) Otherwise the staff may not see it.

See this post: Every bug should be in a sub-category

If you’re stuck at the web page put it in Web Bugs, if the place actually opens in Studio but never finishes loading it should probably go in Studio Bugs. Judge yourself which category is best.

Have you been using the Team Create feature on the place? I remember someone else posting on here that there was a bug that made it impossible to update some place after using Team Create, could be related.

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How do you add sub categories?

You don’t add them, they already exist. There’s Client Bugs, Studio Bugs, Web Bugs and Mobile Bugs. They are subcategories of Bugs and Exploit Reports. You should put your bug threads in those subcategories rather than the top-level category.

Thats confusing man

After clicking the pencil icon next to the name of your thread, click the category dropdown and search for “bug”:

You’ll find all subcategories of Bugs and Exploit Reports (subcategories are the second category displayed after Bugs and Exploit Reports)

Moved to studio bugs. You can put a thread in a subcategory the same way you put it in a main category.

Oh ok thanks