Why won't my gui center for all platforms?

Hey i’m DevFoll and i’m wondering why my some part of my gui won’t center since i used that center gui lite plugin. But it looks like this on pc

But on mobile it looks like this

If you can’t see the problem. It is that the money won’t appear.

Use scale instead of offset for sizing the frames inside the main frame. To keep the ratio constant across all devices, add an UIAspectRatioConstraint under the main frame.

exactly what i did i can send photo of my explorer

The thing that bugs is inside overframe.

All the descendants must be sized and positioned using scale, not only the parent frames.

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wait so add UIAspectRatioConstraint to them all, or use the plugin scale on them all what am i going to use? I used size scaled only

Only add the aspect ratio to the top frame(ScreenGui.Frame).

ok i did that, still won’t work
This picture is on iphone 5

Solution: I don’t think the plugin works on scrolling frames so i replaced it with a normal frame.