Why won't my model rig correctly?

I made this snake and rigged it and scripted all the collision services so it doesnt collide with itself

However when I hit play this happens

It won’t move nor walk and will just fling around or flip into the floor.

Any help?

in humanoid change your HipHeight to ~3, see if the flinging stops.

By “~3” do you mean 3? or -3

Ill test both either way

update neither worked :confused:

Send a video?

Show us whats going on.

Uploading: b1db45be931c34987a9e4ddfb95deea0 (1).mp4…

Make sure none of your parts are anchored, if not, bump your humanoid hipheight values higher.

Also make sure that the face of the humanoidrootpart is facing the head. You can do this by adding a decal and a yellow border will show up, then rotate as needed.

The issue with the HRP is, the rig is HORIZONTAL, so would I point it up like it was a normal model, or aim the texture towards the actual models head?

Sorry for the late response, got caught up on things, but yes, face the decal/texture towards the head. Later on you can delete the decal when fixed.

I think you rigged it wrong, the joint are supposed to be found in the humanoidrootpart like this

You have a duplicated name, every part has to have a unique name. I also recommend making your Unions as MeshModels, just right click, export as FBX, import it as a mesh, etc. Also not every part needs a Joint underneath itself.

Rig like this:

Neck --> Head
EndPart --> BackPart
Torso --> Neck
Torso --> BackPart


I fixed it, I had a lot of body parts that werent connected to the base part so I just added them all to the base part

Huh? What do you mean? :anguished: :anguished: Are you sure this is the right post