Why won't this rig load into Animation Editor?

Howdy developers!

Today I come to you seeking assistance with a rig I’ve been working on. This issue is incredibly frustrating because it causes some major problems that are tedious to work around. For example, I’m unable to name keyframes in the Moon version and so if I simply use that, all of my past named keyframes will get named to nothing, which ruins game functionality. I have a lot of animations to modify currently for system changes but having to load an animation into Moon, make modifications, load it into Roblox’s version, rename the keyframes perfectly… would be insane.

Put simply, the Moon Animator plugin will load this rig in just fine, while the Roblox Animation Editor will not. It will only load in the default R15 parts. It will show the other parts in the ‘Add Part’ section, but when I attempt to Add All, it only loads in the R15 parts. I’m unable to see and edit keyframes of the other parts involved. Am I doing something wrong? Is this an Animation Editor bug? Feel free to download one and try it out for yourself in an empty baseplate.

I appreciate any and all responses.
7HorseTest.rbxm (92.4 KB)


Found out what’s going on. You have some cases (or potentially all cases) where the rigging is done incorrectly. Part0 is what Part1 should be and vice versa. I was able to resolve this by making a new dummy from scratch and rigging it up the same way you did with a single test part.

By changing what Part0 and Part1 were assigned to in the character root (as well as giving all motors unique names - all your joints, ideally, should have unique names), I was successfully able to add all parts to the keyframe window. See below:

This behaviour’s sort of weird since according to the Wiki Part0 and Part1 have no sense of directionality, yet what you set as Part0 and Part 1 actually matters quite a bit for directionality especially in terms of rigging a model for animation.

To be specific about how I resolved this: I changed the weld directionality of Joint in the R15 character’s HumanoidRootPart. I said I changed both welds but that caused a rig confliction. Reinserted the horse and only changed the one from HumanoidRootPart.


Oh, interesting! I’m glad this is my own error and not a bug. I’m looking at a few of the parts and they seem to be setup correctly. Isn’t the setup meant to be the Motor goes inside Part1, Part0 is the base, and Part1 is being attached?

Which parts specifically did you mess with to get the parts to show up?

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I switched these two assignments. Video below of me doing that, showing the initial failure to load the horse parts into the Animation Editor and then again after the switch. Mouse is a little offset but I hope it’ll still be visible what kind of changes I made to do this.

The rigging should be correct, but according to the Animation Editor it isn’t.


Oh, I see now. My intention was to have the CombinedRootPart be the PrimaryPart and root of the rig. Is that impossible when another part within the model is called HumanoidRootPart?

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I’m not too sure in this case. I don’t have much experience rigging, only solving a couple of small problems when it comes to setting up models.

In terms of your response, are you trying to treat the CombinedRootPart as the entire root for both the character and the horse? If that is the case, I’m not sure how to do that, sorry. I don’t know if this automatically becomes the case or if you need to do anything special here.


Yeah that was my intention. For now, it seems like things may work this way. Thanks a lot for the help!

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