Why would people play this game for 3 minutes and then leave?

i’ve made a game about 2 months ago, but my game has never gotten more than 4 average playtime and i would really love to know why people leave so fast.

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make the spawning block guy more in the players vision. I tried playing the game and got stuck in the start because I didnt see the guy that gives you the block
some people might just give up and think that the leash was supposed to have the block attached from the start and think that the game was broken so they leave


I just tried your game. I only see gray.

Tried out the experience. It was fun and very unique! The concept is great, but the execution could use improvement.

As other users mentioned, getting a block for the first time can be hard, especially for players that are unable to read the signs.

The tether system is also good, but instead of having to use a separate tool for removing it, you could use a double click input, or right click input, to make the game go by faster.

I believe the main issue with players leaving is physics.
Roblox doesn’t have the best physics engine, and it’s often buggy, especially with unanchored/freeroam items and rope constraints.

While I was playing a stage, I got near an edge with the block below, tried to pull it, and it result in me being flinged around the map uncontrollably.

This happened to me near the mid stages of the game, but I’ve seen a user get flinged right at the start.

I believe this concept is great, and the game is also well made (excluding some UI/UX elements), but roblox isn’t in your favour here.

I’d recommend you try and re-work the cube system as much as possible, and improve on player’s experience. I am very much willing to play again if I can be 99% certain an experience-ruining bug doesn’t happen.

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For one remove all the frustration, this does not mean make the game not as difficult but I guess it could help but what I mean is make the game still hard but more forgiving and I know you purposely made this game kind of a rage game but if you add checkpoints more frequent the game is still hard but it doesn’t feel as frustrating, and yea you can still have people playing your game even if its unforgiving but if your starting to try to make your game popular I think its just better to make it more forgiving. Another thing that also could help a lot is make the game more easy to understand, for this I recommend getting the box from a box spawner instead of talking to a roblox dummy, and also putting the q and e controls somewhere on the screen in case players miss the sign that explains the controls, and one little suggestion I would add is add an outline on the box in case players lose it and need to know where it is. And one last thing that would cover up some problems unsaid is watch how players react and interact with your game and figure out what led up to them leaving or when they are stuck and then fix those problems and then watch again in case those fixes didn’t work.

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This is because you do not have engaging gameplay. Consider restructuring your game design to get the players into the action quicker, and give players reason to keep playing. Or, in other words, your game simply is not fun enough.

I recommend doing some research on game design! Stepping back to the whiteboard to see why the core loop isn’t working will allow you to find a solution through gameplay.

Unfortunately, this is how game development works. You aren’t going to get a simple or easy solution to this, it’ll require a lot of work. If the game itself cannot be the same with major reworks to the core loop and design pillars, then consider moving on from the project; one of the things that slows down a developer’s career is their attachment to games that simply will not succeed.