Widget Positional Saving Bug

So, for a little while now, I’ve been encountering an issue with studio not saving positions of widgets after I close studio. Sorry I can’t be more specific, I don’t remember when the problem started. Somewhere in August I believe.

The issue
The easiest way to describe this issue is like this, every time I open a new place file, I have to arrange my studio back to the way I had it like this:

However, every time I open studio, it looks like this:

I’ve attempted to reinstall Roblox Studio with no different results.

A few weird things I noticed

  • When I went to uninstall Roblox, there was two files of Roblox, but one did not have an accompanying logo and on attempting to uninstall, it said that it could not find the file.
    These odd files still exist:

  • When I try to edit the ClientSettings file, every time I open a new studio, the changes I made reset (therefore making any change I attempt to make irrelevant)

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Please let me know if there’s any other information you’d like me to provide you with or any solutions you’d like me to try,



This also happens to me, although the default layout is weirdly different for me:

I always close the Game widget and often replace it with the Toolbox. This never saves for me and always reverts to the layout I pictured above.

Similarly, I also have two for each application but for me, the icons are visible on both. I tried uninstalling the two older ones. It all appeared normal - I got a prompt telling me Roblox has been uninstalled but for some reason all four remained in my Apps & Features menu, even after a restart.

This all seems pretty weird!



So I got annoyed again and decided to just try and wipe all traces from the registry and such, restart my computer, and try to reinstall (from the Roblox website obviously), no change.

Should that even be possible? Where else could the problem reside?

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Solution/Core bug to the problem found:

Roblox Studio doesn’t seem to support only having all your widgets/windows on one side. The game view can’t be the most left aligned. I didn’t try having it right aligned but I have changed my setup and it seems to save over now. It’s not quite as good but I’ll get used to it. If this bug is fixed and someone could let me know that’d be great!


(since this isn’t an actual solution to the bug and moreso a way around it, I’ll hold back from marking this message as the solution unless told to do so)

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Yup. I had all the windows on the right side of my screen, I restart studio and it throws some of the windows to the left side. I put the windows on both sides, restart studio and it seems to save fine. No idea why they would let us put all windows to the left/right if it doesn’t save their positions but okay.

So basiclly dont have all the windows on the right/left side

EDIT 1: I replied 1 year later after the post was made lol
EDIT 2: Oh and this still isn’t fixed

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