Wierd lines glitch

How can I fix this glitch?

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Are you talking about GUI on the left upper corner being misplaced?

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Can you give us the link to the game so we can see it better?


No, I can’t.
Btw: Underneath this room is a lobby which is largely made of neon lights

I’m talking about those lines on the carpet

Do you have any parts inside of the carpet or any scripts to spawn parts under or inside the carpet?

Can you find the white lines in the Explorer?

Can you copy this small glitched part of your experience, paste it to a new experience and share the experience’s place (place file) with us?

No, this neon white wall only teleports player

These lines are glitches
Can’t do it because no access to PC

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My next idea is to close studio and reopen it, if that doesn’t work I’m out of ideas.

But i was playing this game and this glitch repeats

You made this game right? I thought studio was only available on pc or laptop?

But I don’t have access to the PC for now because it broke and I have to buy a new one. I was just playing this game on my smartphone and I noticed this glitch

On the computer it worked fine

What’s your graphics level, if it is on 1 then it usually glitches like that

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I was on mobile so rather yes…

Edit: But this glitch is obvious

is it a union? if so I might know how to fix it

No, it’s not a union and I know what you were thinking about.