Wiki: 403 Forbidden - DOSarrest

Whenever I try to go to, I receive this error, but I’m not sure why. It just started happening today, and it’s always worked before. Any help?


Please search for similar topics before posting a new one, this also would not be suitable as scripting support topic on its own.

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:+1: Only would let me post in Scripting or Building help. I searched for an existing one, but nothing came up. Sorry to compound.

Given it’s mainly a bug, the procedure for posting these as New Member is given in the public rules section;

When messaging a top contributor like this, they would point out a post already exists probably.

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback and info. Do you know why I am still a New Member? Been here for awhile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I assume it must be based off of post count, then?

You’re still a new member because you were accepted into the DevForum while the new member program was put into effect. You will have to apply again using the same form you initially used in order to gain full membership access to the threads. Roles are not based off of post count.

Relevant announcement: Upcoming Changes & Additions to the Roblox Developer Forum

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