Wiki script error bug

Parameters for all the methods and constructors here are just “Script error”
Don’t know how many pages are affected by this

Whoever converted those nice, compact tables into the ugly, difficult-to-navigate paragraphs on the pages like Ray, CFrame, Vector3, etc broke the code formatting. It’s fixed on CFrame and some others, but it looks like they missed some pages.

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cc @UristMcSparks, @einsteinK


Has been fixed.
Apparently some pages were pending review, making it error because some unknown reason.
We couldn’t spot it before because logged in people see the “preview version”, which worked fine.
I’ll go on a reviewing spree again I guess


For the record, wiki bugs go into Studio Bugs. The web category is only for the main site.

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It’s mediawiki’s fault the error is there, it’s on my own wiki page as well.
(on my own site)

Yeah, someone notified me of this and I tried to sweep through and fix everything, but I guess I missed Ray by accident.

pls cc me because 99% of the time its my fault.


There’s a special page “Special:PendingChanges” that lists all pages that are under review (or similar).
As a side note, I can’t go to “Special:SpecialPages” for some unknown reason… oh well

This is the page.
Also you need to be logged in to see the “special” pages.

I’m logged in, the SpecialPages special page just errors:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method IssueTrackerConfig::get() in /usr/share/nginx/mediawiki-1.25.3/includes/specialpage/SpecialPage.php on line 665

not that that page being broken doesn’t matter too much right now.

I always check level “Stable”, as it seems the “Page under review” pages are always in that list, not the others.

Yean, the original link to

Is broken, as roblox has renamed it to the landing page.

Yeah, I’m sorry about the ugly paragraphs. I appreciate the feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anything you’d like to see improved with this current layout?
The focus was to make the layout more uniform across the DataType pages (in a similar manner to the API Class Pages), and easier to edit. The original pages were very scrambled and inconsistent.

Looking up members shouldn’t be complicated, as you can access them from the Table of Contents?

Admittedly the layout is a bit bloated right now, and I’d like to fix this somehow.

I’ve been discussing automation stuff with UristMcSparks, and if all goes as I’m anticipating, the API Dump will get updated to export the API for these DataTypes, in a way that we can parse and auto-generate pages for.

If you missed it, I provided my feedback when this issue initially cropped up. My suggestion was to leave the tables up top and provide detailed analysis of the members below the tables.

[quote="CloneTrooper1019, post:13, topic:30271"] Looking up members shouldn't be complicated, as you can access them from the Table of Contents? [/quote] It's not complicated -- it's cumbersome, bloated as you mentioned. As someone who's been developing on ROBLOX for 8+ years, I already know what most of the API members do and just want to see what the parameters are or their order. Even if I don't know what it does, usually a short description is all I need to understand the member -- not a paragraph tutorial / analysis.

I’ll look into adding a quick reference or something similar later today.

EDIT: Had some time over lunch. See here for what it looks like so far. Separation between different member types is kinda weird; I’ll look at it some more when I get a chance.

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I wrote an auto generating template based on the concept that MemoryPenguin presented yesterday.

What do you think?


Definitely suits my needs for quickly referencing the API. It’s fine as-is, but instead of having Type column take up all that space it doesn’t use, I’d suggest splitting it up into multiple tables by type or adding a padding row w/ type name to split up sections in the table.

I tossed together another version. You can see it in action on a copy of the Vector3 page here; here’s a screenshot for convenience:

This has not been rolled out to other pages yet; I wanted to get feedback before I did.


he also ditched the lua code I spent my freetime at school working on :c

I think it looks better with “Syntax”/“Description” left-aligned. Normally table headers are center-aligned, but since you have two headers they have conflicting centers and the alignment looks oddly off. (Also, “Constructors” should ignore “[collapse]” for centering purposes if that’s possible)

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