Wiki tutorial about sprite sheets

It would be nice if there could be a tutorial on the wiki that explains what sprite sheets are, why they are advantageous to use (i.e. more performant compared to separate textures, can be used to create animated UI elements), and how they can be implemented in ROBLOX using ImageRectOffset/Size properties of ImageLabel/ImageButton.

Right now the words “sprite sheet” / “spritesheet” are not present on the wiki, and the property description of ImageRectOffset/ImageRectSize is very meagre, so I think it would be beneficial to have a short description in the context of ROBLOX game development about the topic.


I can look into getting this done.

If anybody has experience with these things, feel free to post them as I can add it to the article.


Did this ever get made? I could really do with a tutorial on this, really confused.

(I have checked the wiki and couldn’t find anything)

Figured it out but it would be very useful for people I think

You’ll need to make a new request since the wiki is no longer edited by volunteers such as myself.