is giving 403 errors

The wiki is spitting out 403 errors when attempting to load the page. It’s been happening on both my laptop and my phone, so I’m ruling out anything device-related. Using a VPN didn’t fix it either, but that may be intentional.

While testing with a VPN, I did notice that the IP on the page never changed, and when double checking, it is not actually my IP. Might be a caching problem? The IP that is showing is, which is not even close to my actual IP.

I’ve noticed it since today, so not very long. Some other devforum members are reporting the problem aswell in the discord.


I’d reccomend resetting your DNS

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Aw man, i was genuinely hoping to see 403 errors :c

I have the exact same issue, with the same IP address shown as in Protune’s image, although I think I’ve found the problem.

I do have my DNS settings set to Google’s ( and After removing this explicit setting and flushing the DNS I was capable to use the wiki again.

Setting the DNS back to Google’s and flushing afterwards gives me a 403 forbidden message again.

Something happened with Google’s DNS on the wiki?


I’m using Google’s DNS servers and it’s working fine now at least.

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That did not fix it. It’s still happening a day later, both when selecting DNS automatically and on Google’s DNS.

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Not using a VPN or proxy?

Nope. I flushed DNS, changed DNS from default to Google, restarted my PC, and this all occurs both with/without an VPN. My guess is a problem with the cache, cause it’s showing an IP which isn’t mine.


I’m also getting the exact same issue as of a few hours ago.

The message will not disappear.

Seems to have fixed its self for me.

Same here

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I’ve had this issue since Friday evening. I need my wiki references, it’s even broken in the content tab in studio. Does anyone know what’s going on?

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I’ve noticed that I can access it at school via all my devices, but not at home. Weird… any ROBLOX staff that could help?

We are looking into it.

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It looks like the DOSArrest service you’re using is blocking Akamai. As some of the previous screenshots and reports have shown, the IP address displayed on the page is not actually the IP address of the person requesting the wiki pages, it is in fact, an IP address which belongs to Akamai.

Looking at my DNS results and other data, it seems that the chain is User => Akamai => Actual wiki server. Where akamai in this case is blocked.

I’d just like to note that having both Akamai and DOSArrest guarding the way to the wiki seems a bit odd to me. Not only because Akamai offers both caching services and DDoS protection, as DOSArrest provides those services too.

Alright we think we found the issue. Let us know if you are still encountering this.


The wiki works properly again. For anyone still getting the 403 page, clearing the cookies for seems to fix it.

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This is currently happening to me again, clearing cookies did nothing.

Just checked, happening to me aswell. @nsgriff did something happen to the fix?


It is really hindering me in looking up a ton of API info. Is this a unique issue for certain IP-ranges or anything?

I also have been experiencing this error for some days now and its really starting to annoy me. I also had this problem back in November.