Wild / DevLog #1 / Map idea & general idea


Hey, Im Lightz, roblox developer and beginner indie developer, creator of ‘Pistols out!’. This will be the first DevLog on my game: ‘Wild’, an open world wild-west game. :horse:


Wild will be set in the wild west era(?), where you can explore the vast world, and find other players, team up with them and rob shops, banks and more (to come)!

**This is the first DevLog. **Every DevLog will be created a few weeks apart but on my Twitter and the Discord server I will keep you up-to-date with everything.

The name may be subject to change!

Building images/ Currently in game


Where you can buy stuff



Pawn shop

Where you can sell your stuff





Mainly just for decor.


They are only examples of three buildings I have built so far.

Terrain is still work-in-progress, but ill show some pictures of what I have done so far, There is water, the baseplate covering it:



  • I cant wait to play this game!
  • I’m looking forward to this game!
  • It’s alright, i’ll watch the progress.
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Click for my Twitter

Discord server code: bDDYcA96dH

Game: Wild


The game is currently paid access (50 rbx), to gain funding for this project. I hope to give you rewards if you buy it, I should make an announcement on the server where I let you know.

!If you purchase the game it is currently not in a playable state, there are only buildings and terrain!

Feel free to ask me any questions!

If you are interested, and a scripter, you may be able to join me, but contact me first, on Twitter or Discord.


Buildings look good! They definitely fit the style you’re going for. Do any of them have an interior at the moment or are they all empty?

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Thank you, I’ll most likely work on the interior tomorrow. Some of the buildings will have interiors, and some will be left plain with nothing inside, but the player can still view inside.

Interior decoration will vary depending on the building/type of building.

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