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Hello, I am looking for a animator and a scripter. We will together make the game Wild Hunting in my group Wildly Studios. The game will be story mode type with quests. I would like to also have active developers only. If you want to help, contact me on Discord Sinister#0462

Wildly Studios - Roblox


We will discuss about payments, if we actually get to make the game go well and actually have somebody playing it, I will definetely pay you.


If you have any questions, reply below or contact my Discord.


what type of genre are you going to be aiming for? (Futuristic, modern, old-fashioned etc.)

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I will make any type, I want the game just to be good, but I like want to make it like MMORPG.

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You’re going to have to be more exact and up-front for what payment (either in USD, R$, or %) you’re offering before anyone applies. The time to discuss about payments is when you write your first post on the thread.

Do you have a game design document outlining this? The theme and setting of your game is pretty significant to know from the get-go and it seems to me that you aren’t entirely sure.

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You are right, I am not like really really sure and payments are in R$. But I think MMORPG.

So we don’t get paid if you don’t put in the robux for advertising?

This is virtually a no-payment situation. Please, try to rethink the payment part and offer a percentage/flat pay.

You do get paid.

Please edit your topic and add more information about payment. You have to “attract” people, so they can actually contact with you.


What? 15 robux? 1000 robux?

100,000 robux?

What if you decide to not invest in ads, killing the game? Do we not get payment?

We will see

You cannot just say “We will see” when it comes to payment. You need to be upfront and precise about all the information.

It seems like you just suddenly had the urge to make a game / studio and decided to make a devforum post with little to no information.

My bad, today I just got accepted in DevForum dont bother much please.

Please read the rules and other hiring posts to see what your post should include.


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