Will 550k Robux in advertising be enough? Advice/help needed

My issues is advertising, I don’t have a lot of experience with it, just a bit. I am planning to do 20k a day for 25 days sponsored ads.

My past research with regular ads vs sponsored ads have shown that sponsors do better.
However I am still wondering and asking for any advice on the best way to utilize my funds to make this happen.

We are making a quality game about animal life, it’s basically like animal simulator with a few different things added to make it different enough but simple, fun and allows for different styles of gameplay along the lines of roleplaying, fighting, exploring and a few others.

We’re sure the game itself is a bunch of great ideas that are well implemented and isn’t jumbled as to cause confusion to players.

We’ll have a tutorial ofcourse and proper ways of monetization like an economy system, boosters, skins, etcera. ((Nothing to be overpowered and break the game/make things unfair ofcourse.))

As I’ve said, I haven’t had a lot of experience with advertising, however my past obby game has managed to make me around 550k Robux and more since I’ve been spending on this new project.

I am really trying to have a game with a consistent player base and or a growing profitable one where I can aim for thousands of players on it.

As mentioned my current plan is 20k sponsors everyday for 25 days.

What are your thoughts? What are your suggestions?

Thank you for your time!


Yeah this will definitely be enough. Most people spend like 10k for 1000 each day but you’re spending way more. 20k for 25 days is the best way you could spend your robux (the worst would be spending all 500k in one day) because 20k robux is enough to pop up multiple times more than other games that maybe only spend 1,000 or 10,000. I’m sure this will get you a super consistent probably 1k+ player base for (after the ad and onwards) and probably 5k a day during the advertisements if we’re being honest. You’re spending half a million robux so my estimates are probably lower than the reality but I’ve never got to spend this much. What I know for sure is sponsors that are high robux for a lot of days are the best for getting a huge and consistent player base. Hope your game goes great and makes double the money you got from your obby game.


Thank you so much for your reply and wishes.
I really do appreciate the feedback and genuinely hope this goes really well as my team and I are all aiming for the developer’s exchange program with this studios future.

Still open to more replies from others!

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I think that with 25k daily you will be running fine, even with 20k or 15k you would still be at a good enough viewing rate for your game to go up in players if users find interest. If interest sparks majorly then you can get somewhere on the front page which is pretty much free advertising at somewhat of a cost that it took you to get there. anyway onto the main point yes I believe that 25k is a pretty good amount to put in daily, I could even say maybe overpay for advertising because 25k is more than enough.

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You will need a good monetization to break-even. I’m doing 10k a day (half ads/half pc) at the moment for a couple month now and I am earning them back at the ratio of 4:1, robux earned over robux spent.

I believe you should start off with half the amount, and see if you can make it back within the day.

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Thanks for your feedback! I plan on doing 20k instead of 25k as mentioned in the original post but I appreciate your feedback/input.

We have quite a decent amount of good plans for monetization with regards of purchasing main currency, exp boosters for leveling, VIP, a shop with accessories, a shop with animals to unlock, a shop with skins… Most things will be purchased using the ingame currency which can be bought with Robux or earned in game from playing.

The other way we’d make money I am sure with is premium users grinding the game and possibly spending a lot of time in it which would in return give us hopefully a good premium payout.

I am extremely happy to hear you are earning back 4:1 that’s actually insane! Very good stuff there for sure.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


In my database, PC players & Console pays more per visit, but mobile/tablet have more players.

Doing a test run is the most practical way to obtain those data for trial and error tweaking.

The ratio usually decrease on higher sponsor amount, making it harder to reach the profit margin goal.

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Depends on if your game is good or not.


I think thats too much. Do 25k each day for 5 days, then pause and see if your game dies. If not, you are fine. If it dies that either means your game isn’t good or you need to sponsor more.


Thank you all for your inputs and if anyone has more advice/input I am more than happy to listen!

Lmao, he should make his own experiences, like I did as well. There is no “tactic” how you can get much players. But the truth is you will need a high budget or an insane amount of luck. 500 everyday for 2 weeks can get you 1-2 concurrent players yes, but it wont really help. Doing small sponsors is a waste of money.

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Dude, we’re trying to get him experience while wasting the least amount of money. To be honest I really don’t care, this guy acting like he needs help but he owns limited items such as Arctic commando and dominos crown that worth up to millions of robux. He can make the worst ad ever and still get thousands of players.

I don’t think you understood how roblox works. According to your place visits you don’t even have experience in advertising or making a proper game. We can’t get him experience, ads and sponsors work different for every game. Only because he has limiteds, that doesnt mean he wants to use them for advertising.


It’s an alt. The reason is simple.
On my main I got 20 warnings for discrimination and it’s finally banned.
I’m making a new game with my alt but you won’t be able to see.

Of course :wink: Thats a bad excuse. 20 warnings arent realistic. And we should stop this here, this is off-topic. Thank you.


After experimenting with different amount of robux on Sponsored Ads we found that the best run for us is 10k per day
We experimented with different values like 5k,10k,15k,20k and got to the conclusion that anything over 10k robux is negligible in difference in terms of concurrent players (obviously impressions will be higher but thats just a result of the same players seeing the game multiple times)

Keep in mind it may differ between each game / sponsor due to a variety of factors such as target audience (for us it’s male of all ages on computer), the game performance in terms of quality & monetization and just day of the week

Our test runs were all performed on a Sunday so we could keep it consistent and make sure it’s not the Saturday peak where it’s the time with most active players but not a weekday either when player activity drastically differs due to time zones.

So personally I wouldn’t recommend spending over 10k as that what worked for us, but if you’re trying to appeal to multiple platforms and to all genders maybe 15-20k might be the right call.