Will anchoring far away parts improve performance?

In my game I made some lily pads that players can jump on. They are unanchored and stay at the top of the water with a BodyPosition. I was considering anchoring these lily pads if there are no players near them to improve performance. However, I remembered that Roblox already has a system in place that causes unanchored parts to sleep when they stay in one place. If the lily pads are already being put to sleep, would it improve performance at all to add in my own anchor system?


Are there a lot of lily pads around the region?

yes, there are quite a lot of them

If you need to change the state of multiple objects at once then that could lag the server for a short time which might impact performance.

So it would be better to just leave them unanchored instead of anchoring them all when players leave the area?

Are you removing the pads for the client or everyone

Iā€™m anchoring them for everyone if nobody is near them

I would do that on the client because if you do that on the server everyone will impacted by the sudden change

Alright, but would it actually improve performance at all? Is there a way I can check if parts are sleeping/inactive?

If the lily pads are moving yes

They should only be moving when players interact with them, they are just held at the surface and are still otherwise

I would still anchor and unanchor the parts