Will be gone for a few days

After graduating college this last week and earning my Bachelor’s of Business Administration, I’ve finally obtained the opportunity to move out of this tiny, horrible town I’ve lived in for the past 10+ years. To say that this place has hindered my productivity would be an understatement. It’s had an EXTREMELY negative effect on both my emotional, psychological, and physical health. I haven’t been very vocal about this online, but since it’s affecting my development on Roblox and I can finally do something about it, I figured it’s time.

I’m absolutely ecstatic to be getting out of here finally, but it’s going to take me a few days to move. My new place is VERY far away from where I currently live, so it’s going to be an all day task to drive there. The internet in my new place (fiber optic!) should be getting hooked up on the 10th (Thursday), so until then the only ways to contact me will be Twitter (@StormcellX) and on my Discord. If you need any help with something I can’t help with due to my absence, please contact one of the moderators in my group (except Cyberstorm10, that’s my alt). They all have outside of Roblox contact with me and can use that to figure out how to help you if they cannot do it on their own. I’ll be checking messages when I return, but if it’s an emergency, don’t try to contact me, contact a mod.

I will be trying to finish an update for Ball Blast for this Saturday if I get set up in my new place in time, but it’s not likely. I don’t want to rush an update as that never goes smoothly and always results in a degradation of quality and a lot of bugs. I guess after working on the game for 8 months, I’ll finally have a chance to breath for once lol.

In conclusion, this move will help me in HUGE ways in my personal life which in turn helps me to be a better developer. I’m excited to see how well I work now that this burden is being lifted out of my life. I should start coming back around Saturday at the latest. I hope you all understand the need for this and stick around through my short absence. :smiley:


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