Will converting a large server size game from r15 to r6 significantly reduce lag?

I have a game with a large server size and I already have taken several measures to reduce the lag successfully. However, I have been thinking about how having r15 characters means there are a lot more body parts and that this may be a major factor in the lag. I have already disabled CanTouch on the body parts and all of my hit detection is done with a single hitbox part that covers the entire characters. In my game, the animations are played inside of tools used by characters, and the tools load and unload the animations in a server script. I’ve been under the assumption that playing animations on the server and client run similarly anyways, and that when an animation is played on a server script it’s actually playing them on all of the clients. Is this true?

The game uses streaming enabled to reduce lag as well. None of my scripts have high rates. The ping seems to be at somewhat high levels when near a lot of players, however when there are less players, or you’re further away from players, the game runs very smoothly, so I am fairly confident that the characters/players are the biggest source of the lag.

Converting the game from r15 to r6 will require redoing all of my animations, so I’d like to hear some thoughts from anyone who knows about this stuff before doing so. Is it possible that it will make no difference because animations are played on the client anyways?

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It should not reduce lag, at least not a big amount of lag.

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They don’t, animations should be played on the client to reduce server lag, as its less for the server to deal with.

No, it plays it on the server which the clients can see, but it doesn’t run it on the clients.

R15 isn’t going to cause much more lag than R6 will, it still uses Humanoids, connects to the server, etc. And all animations and physics of a player character are calculated on that players client and replicated to the server, so you aren’t really going to gain anything.


Well, it would reduce some lag depending on the server size, if its a huge server r6 will reduce lag because all the parts in r15 will cause lag if theres a lot of people in the server. Other ways to reduce lag is to minimize the amount of parts you need, turn on streaming enabled and don’t use while wait loops etc. If your trying to reduce lag try to minimize the amount the server has to withhold. Using the client will minimize some lag also. Also reducing the amount of meshes you use can reduce lag I think. You could as well put compatible mode in lighting.

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If a player plays an animation on their own character with a localscript, doesn’t it require the server to then play the animation anyways for all the other clients to see?

No, animations on the players character from their client replicates to the server automatically, as long as its inside the character.