Will firing client rapidly cause issues?

Hi people, i am creating a game (similar to Realm of the Mad God), where characters fire many projectiles from their character. I have tried creating the projectiles on the server alone, but as expected, there is a delay from client to server. Instead, I am trying to make each client render the projectiles, while the server creates invisible projectiles which actually deal damage. The problem is that either I fire the clients many many times to render each projectile, or I have to create many simultaneously running loops which seems more complex to do. So in all, is it okay for the server to fire the client many times per second? Edit: not sure if this is the right category.

Something similar to this is commonly seen in RCL/ Raycasting Guns. Depending on how many times it’s firing and how big the part is you shouldn’t see too many problems but it could definitely impact speeds. I would go ahead and continue with making it fire to the client many times. Just make sure the projectiles are being deleted on both the client and the server.