Will having simulator in the title of my game make people write it off before they give it a chance?

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve been developing a game that I’ve been calling Open World Fighting Simulator. I didn’t realize the stigma surrounding simulator type games, so I never realized fully what that game genre was. After looking it up, that’s a totally different type of game than my idea, and there’s so much hate towards these types of games due to repetitive, boring gameplay or the need to grind.

I had chosen to name the game Open World Fighting Simulator because I thought that would make sense, as you’re in a simulation of a large world, with different guilds, biomes, and there are weapons to find that serve as your way of improving your character (like some weapons are much better than others, some work in different ways (like having magic weapons vs melee)). I’m going to add towns, currency, and shops. I also want to add things like rivalries and allies between different guilds that would affect how your character reacts to other players (for example, you’d get discounts at shops of allied guilds or gain more experience defeating members of a rival guild), along with character customization options to make it feel like your character is really living in this world, hence why I thought it would be a good idea to call it a simulator.

So obviously this isn’t the typical roblox simulator. Would having simulator in the name cause people to ignore, overlook, or dislike my game before they even play it? And if so, do you have any other ideas for what I should name it?

From what you’ve described the game is, it is not a simulator but rather an RPG from what I can tell. I would just suggest remove the word “Simulator” and keep the rest of the name you already have. Because the reputation simulators have usually, it would most likely make people look over it because there are too many in the genre and are quite repetitive as you’ve said.

I don’t have a whole conclusion but it’s most likely that they won’t play it, there are many games in the front page that don’t have the word “Simulator” and they’re even more like simulations! Look at Natural Disaster Survival, it has a simulator-like topic but it’s not named that way.

Many YouTubers have said that simulators are overrated so probably their followers will listen to them unless they have a favorite simulator so it’s better if you don’t use the word simulator.