Will I get banned for a script in a private game?

Recently, I’ve been getting into messing around with scripts that I see in showcases, like dual rainbow solaris and that stuff. I just came to notice how some of these have swear words in the music and sound effects and the coding (like side notes by the person that wrote the script.)
Will I get in trouble for using these even if the game isn’t public? I usually remove all sound effects but I’m still worried about getting warnings.

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If you’re that worried just remove them from the script?


Okay I’ll work on the other project instead of this.

In the case that a script has swear words or anything offensive, there is always a chance of being moderated. It’d be the best option to simply go through it and remove it if you’d like to stay on the safe side of things ( as you should ). As far as the music & sound effects, the same thing applies. It would be most safe to replace those sounds or songs as it will eventually come back to you and potentially get your account warned/terminated in a worst-case scenario.

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Okay, I just replaced all the sound effects (like attacks) with the same song over and over again, might not work with it for a while. Will reupload the no sound version and replace the old version. Thanks!

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ofc you will be banned but in your own game it will be i think fine in others game it could be a ban in that game

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Actually, Yes since Roblox has said:

Your code is subject to the same kind of review as other assets if it gets flagged for Roblox to review.

Announcement Where It Is Stated: Clarification on code flagged for safety review

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Although I remember Roblox stated that they wouldn’t moderate over swear words on the scripts, but rather if it’s malicious.

I mean they did say to follow Community guidelines which includes curse words.

okay then just to be safe im removing all the side comments because some are bad words