Will i get banned for doing Robux commisions?

I hope im posting this to the right category!!

Ok so I have been doing commisions for some time, and now I’m beginning to make shirts and stuff in my own group so people can buy and i can payout to myself. Question is, is it possible that I can get banned??
I’m scared that a group with 10k robux in it and nothing else will seem suspicious to Roblox, and I’d rather not loose my account : (


No, you will not get banned for robux coms. However, it depends on what type of coms they are, if they are inappropriate then yes, it will get you a warning or a ban.


No, not unless it is against the TOS! Roblox come for Roblox is perfectly fine!


You won’t get banned for this, but I’d recommend having the people commissioning you to pay through their groups, so the 30% tax doesn’t matter so much.

Also, please use the correct categories on here. This belongs more in Development Discussion.


You will not get banned. The point for commissions is to show off your work and to help others. It is not possible to get banned.