Will I have problems with copyright for making a 3D model of The Empire State Building in my game and call it "Empire State Building"?

Hey! So I want to make a few 3D models of known landmarks such as Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower etc and use them in a game of mine.

The problem is that some of the buildings are copyrighted (I think every building built after 1900 or something like that) if not every.

Would a 3D model that looks like Empire State Building and being called in-game (I need to name it) literally “Empire State Building” cause any copyright problems?

I am not that confident in my modelling skills that I’ll make a 1x1 replica with the real buildings, but if I make artistic representations of that and call them like in real life, could it cause any legal problems?

I know that some games get away with using whole trademarked products (such as anime characters like Naruto or entire saga’s like Star Wars) for quite a long time before getting a DMCA. But I’d like to be safe from the start.

I thought to change the names like: Emperor State Building, Efel Tower, Piza Tower etc. Would this be enough or not even needed? (I’d like to keep the real names if possible)

Thanks for your time.

Anything copyrighted is going to cause issues.
If you make it look similar and rename it slightly differentlye then you may have more leniency.
I named a game with F1 racing and got it removed. The name was the only item I’d used since my model of a Formula One racer wasn’t an exact copy of a real F1 car.
There are tons of models and places with the F1 or Formula One name and mine was removed…

If you have the empire state building in your game I don’t think you could get copyrighted since it’s a real world landmark but if you name your game empire state building I doubt it but it’s probably possible.

Such buildings are protected by copyright. It seem that you are permitted to take photos of them though, but this does not apply to artistic representations.

I meant if naming the building in name “Empire State Building”, not the actual game, sorry for the confusion.